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More machine info on Live Connect?

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Is there a way to get more information on the Live Connect page? Since we have so many machines with odd names, i'd like to display a field with the machine Description (or a custom "Site" field) either among the Machine Info fields or on the customizable Home tab. While i'm able to put any text in that tab, it doesn't seem to react on Kaseya variables.

Is there a way, well hidden perhaps, or is this not just implemented?

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  • Anyone?

  • what sort of info are you looking to capture and feed into the writable fields in live connect? I asueme your talking about the audit module (in live connect) and the system info tab.

  • After some thought on this, I feel I should point out, those editable text fields you mentioned are not going to react to Kvariables, unless you use the variables in a procedure (script) and have that script write to that field (theres a dropdown function that will do that for you). I'd recommend running some sort of procedure that gathers the info you're looking for and use that function to write to that customizable text field.

    We do something similar but with Warranty info

  • Hello Robin,

    I've been digging into this and there is no option for including variables in the Machine Description area or in the customizable Home tab(s). I would like to gain a better understanding of what type of information that you would like to expose, and where this information will come from.

    You metion a machine Description / Info field. Would this be created manually for each machine, or would you expect a mash of information discovered about the machine?

  • Hi Robin,

    You might need to clarify the sorts of info you want but as a suggestion, you are able, in Live Connect > Audit Information, to view the System Info tab which displays the contents of Audit > System Info. You can create custom fields in the System Info area of Audit (using the Show More button in this area), which will subsequently be viewable in Live Connect. This would allow you to have a single free text field or more to populate if you wish with any additional machine data. Now, you refer to using variables here as well, which wouldn't work, these are just string fields that aren't enumerated. However, depending on the variable information you want, it wouldn't likely be hard to get it into a custom audit field which will then display. As suggested, the fields can be populated with a script as well using the Update System Info function.