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Service Desk Question

  • Fellow Gurus -

    I am debating on installing the Service Center module to our production K2 server, because I think it will offer some augmented ticket flow and resolution upgrades over the standard Ticketing module. My big question is, for those of you that have done something similar, is there any performance hits on the machine because of this upgrade? Also, is there anything that the Ticketing module does that the Service Desk does not? I couldn't really find anything, but before I go to my superior to ask for a green light on this, I figured I should check here. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Justin

    You can install the SD module and test it without having to integrate it (so that it replaces the inbuilt ticketing system). The standard version allows you to use a couple of the inbuilt SD definitions, including the KB, for 2 operators, after that you have to get additional licenses.

    SD give you:-

    Knowledge base

    improved ticketing

    Ability to use iPhone for Mobile Service Desk

    Better integration with Kaseya

    Kaseya use it as part of the portal,when you log a ticket. So you can get an idea of it there, although they dont use the Kaseya KB Module as yet.

    It is very much a v1 product, in that the idea is good but the execution is a bit clunky in places. The information I have recieved, to date, on pricing for it seems at odds with a v1 product. So hopefully the salesperson I spoke with was just a bit over eager.  

  • Thanks Peter! I will keep trying it on our DR server before rolling it to production.

  • Hi Justin,

    SD also gives you SD procedures !!!  and that really can help you improve your  workflow on tickets