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First Impressions

  • Maybe a little early, but I'll provide my first impressions anyways.  Havd a demo for 3 licenses for the past week or so.  Installed on my iphone and 1 Android and still trying to get installed on another Android.

    - Iphone install went without any real problems.   I'm not how my customers would handle the install if it went out on mass.  I had to load/unload the app and then manually enter the server ID.  The server ID sent in the message was different than the actual server ID.  So at present not something that you could role out to 100 people and expect not to get a 100 phone calls.

    - Android #1 - Text message went out did not provide the server ID.  Went to the Android market, downloaded, entered server ID and it checked in.

    - Andriod #2 - Entered wrong phone number, my bad.  Enter wrong phone number again, just stupid.  Entered correct phone number and email address, but still no message to his phone.   Still don't think he's gone to the Andriod market and downloaded the app.   Completely not Kaseya's problem, but if you are counting on pushing this out automatically, you may be counting on too much due to people problems.   I expect Kaseya to fix the install issues fairly quickly

    - Andriod #1 - Hadn't checked in again until we opened the App and selected Check In.   All configuration commands were waiting for it to check in again.  User has GPS turned off, so no GPS location.  With GPS turned on, still didn't get a location.  Once I requested the location, it did final provide a location.  We'll see if it actually updates over time.

    - Iphone - Tracking is working, but not as consistant or accurate as I would expect.  I use the GPS alot so know the phone has better tracking, but just seems to be related to when the phone checks in and how much data it provides at that time.   Phone does check in automatically for a while.  After a while (hour or so) with the App running in the background, it still goes to sleep and doesn't check in again until you open up the App.   Not likely to have anyone open the App because the App doesn't actually do anything useful for the end user.   When you request a check in it doesn't automatically have the phone check in, it prompts the user of the phone to go to the App and check in.   Probably won't get the person to do that if they've stolen the phone.

    Main problem I'm currently having is that even though I've turned off tracking on my iphone, the GPS is still always running even without the Kaseya app running in anyway and without it checking in.  This probably cuts my battery life by about 40%.

    Have only tried a few of the control options like stopping porn or wifi configuration, so can't comment on those.

    What they can do with the app is greatly limited by what the device allows them to do.

  • And no, haven't gone through support on any of these issues.   So the previous post should be taken for just one of the 1st expieriences in the 1st week.

    And one other interesting note....

    As part of trying to demo this I asked one employee to install the agent.   They quickly expressed concerns over having someone be able to track their phone.  I also asked one customer, a main contact that would usually be willing for this type of thing and got a flat no, it's my personal phone as well.

    So I'm left thinking of not only how we can charge for this type of service but also how we can get people to even consider this type of service.

    Be much better if we were able to remotely control a phone like we do a PC.  But that I'm sure is up to Apple more than Kaseya.

  • Glad to see you experimenting with the product.  One of the most interesting things (IMHO) will be watching how people drive adoption in their user bases.  Like you said, a lot is up to Apple on functionality though.  ie.  Apple and Android for that matter, like to let the user of the device have control.  So they can turn off location sharing, for example.  Some kaseya customers have said, that if their customers are asking for support on mobile phones, then they charge a monhtly per device fee, regardless of ownership.  For the more regulated customers there is a real case for getting Kaseya agents on the mobile devices in terms of compliance and data protection.  

    This is going to be a bit like when managed services first began to spread.  Its exciting really.  I hope we get a lot of users sharing how they drive adoption.  For example, one customer said he is THRILLED to be able to track location, because they have social workers in the field and want to know how long they are onsite for home visits, etc for the protection of their workers, while we had a police dept say that it would never get past the Policeman's Union because of privacy concerns.

  • We had the licenses on the Test Pilot for a couple of weeks and had 50 KMDM licenses yesterday for our VSA Server.

    There is a difference between what we had on Test Pilot and what we had for our VSA. I guess we had some fixes as we had tickets in with support and some have been fixed.

    Firstly - the server id sent in the text message is supposed to be different from your main server id.  The reason is that you have created the account on your VSA and assigned it to a group for your customer and also possibly assigned a profile already.  But using the general server id will use the default settings in your VSA setup that you defined.  Either work.

    There is a bug with emailing the apk to an andrroid phone but I have a work around in the Xoom post on here.  

    I currently have it working on an original Droid, a Thunderbolt, a Bionic and a Xoom.  I am also waiting for my iphone user to install it and an ipad user.

    I hope they come up with more features for android.

    In the new version on our VSA I notice that when I request a checkin on the android it checks in - it used to send a text but now it checks-in in the background.

    Still struggling a bit witht the tracking.  But it is early days.

    Brendan:  I am reporting bugs through the usual support tickets, but what should we do about feature requests?  Could we have a sub forum here?

  • New thread created here for MDM Feature Requests.    

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  • I'm curious to see reports about battery life with MDM installed.  Can you report back ispire once it's been installed a few days on a device and let us know?

  • Thanks Brendan

    Just to add to some of our customers usage.  The tracking is the big thing.  We have customers who use techs.  They often catch techs doing side jobs so now they can see where the tech stopped and at what time! Saving them a possible fortune

  • Hi Dan

    I have had this running on my bionic for nearly 2 weeks.  Although I am running 4g which is a battery drain, I have not seen a significant extra drop for the KMDM.

    According to my phone - Battery usage is as follows:

    Cell Standby 38%

    Phone Idle 37%

    Kaseya Agent 19%

    Android OS 6%

    So I think it is fine.  

  • PS

    I am experimenting so have tracking on my phone and have it checking in every 30 minutes over 4g and wifi so may be a lot higher than normal usage.

  • 4g on my bionic is a huge drain as well.  Good to see the kagent at ~20% though.

  • For those of you who have installed to iOS device. Does the location services icon (small triangle near clock) stay on all the time once the app was installed?

  • Nope... this is an app, not a service (per se). I do not see it as being able to replace mobileme. It does not stay alive, so the breadcrub feature (tracking) isn't even viable. How about checking multiple deivces to seewho is close to a client? Good luck, as most of the agents wil probably be off line. What it does do is inventory, allow you to submit a policy (for security and configuring things like email client)... of course assuming the agent is live. In the end, they're asking price and model is out of whack for what it is offering. I really don't see why anyone would commit the money for this right now.

  • Most of the shortcomings you've pointed out are things that Apple controls.  We've had great success internally and with customers who are tracking breadcrumbs by simply upping the location checkin intervals.  Like anything similar to this on iOS they are all apps, not services like you said, so all face the same problems and hurdles.  We did quite a bit of market research on this one and feature/function/price-wise you will see that we are quite competitive and we can offer it as an integrated module into your current ITSM workflow.  

    @David - What other solutions have you looked at besides MobileMe?