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Cancel KSDU Task for all machines?

  • So this morning I had an issue with people telling me their machines are crawling . . .and they are very slow and bogged down.

    When i look at the live connect i notice that the KSDU task from 2-3am is still running, on pretty much all machines.  it seems to be hung up or stalled in some way (another major issue i have with Kaseya is not being able to see good error reporting or task status)

    I went into KSDU and canceled all the tasks, Running and Scheduled thinking that would resolve it but the machines are still chugging away.

    There has to be a better way to kill the process than going in to Live Connect and killing the task then having the user reboot?

  • Get a support ticket submitted for this one - clearing the existing schedules in bulk shouldn't be hard, but we'll want to find out what went wrong.

  • I cleared the scheduled jobs from the Schedules section and I found if I removed the workstations from the profile it stopped trying to schedule the job over and over.  Is it still worth opening a ticket, does that information exist in Kaseya without the issue actively taking place?

  • I've seen that issue in the past on our server, and was told it was due to the KSDU schedules not having "Skip If Offline" selected. The issue has not come back since enabling that, although its not really a solution.

    I ended up manually cleaning the tasks out every time, as it took to long for support to respond.

  • Kunzi, that has been my experience too, i often have to flounder around with poor error reporting and rely of forums to give me hints and help.  

    Kaseya is fantastic when it works, and i love a lot of what it does, but i feel like it becomes a black box when something is not running right as there is no way to see where the breakdown occurs.  

    I submitted a ticket 19 hours ago with the level of Severe Impact as i cannot use software deployment to update third party apps and it's still not been assigned to anyone yet.  Unfortunately this seems to be my average experience.  Not sure if being an "on-premise" customer is part of my issue.