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Controlling Application Level

  • We have just got a trial of KSDU and trying it out to see how it works. One of our requirements is that for some of our clients, they may need an application to stay at a specific app level and not update. Is there a way to do this so it won't install new versions and possibly roll it back if a later version is installed?


    Also what is the general opinion on this module currently? We are on 6.5 at the moment...

  • Kellie, that's certainly one of the key features of KSDU and was part of the module since it's inception as we recognize the importance of locking an app in a particular version.

    Within a profile you're able to specify whether or not you would like a given application to update itself or remain at the version you assigned in the profile. When you have a profile and an application selected, you'll see an option for "Always Deploy Latest" which can be set to Yes or No.

  • Thanks Ben, what about if someone has a higher application level than they should? From what I can see you'd need to uninstall the newer version and then push out the right version right?

  • Ben, This has been working well since version 6.5 of Kaseya. You need to manually uninstall programs if they are to high a level it will install the new version based on the profile you have provided. this can be any time interval you choose. The only problem still left is if a program needs a reboot or a reboot is pending so an install cannot take place then the install will just fail until the reboot happens. In the roadmap briefing this was given to be fixed in version 9 the January 2015 release.