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KSDU Worth the Price

  • Our yearly KSDU module just expired and when looking at renewing it doesn't seem worth it to me.  We have had a lot of tickets open (not any recently) with various problems, and it still not reliable.  I’m just trying to see if I’m missing anything before I move in a different direction.  Does anyone have it and believe it’s worth the cost?

  • jhadik

    Our yearly KSDU module just expired and when looking at renewing it doesn't seem worth it to me.  We have had a lot of tickets open (not any recently) with various problems, and it still not reliable.  I’m just trying to see if I’m missing anything before I move in a different direction.  Does anyone have it and believe it’s worth the cost?

    What outstanding issues are you experiencing that is making rethink renewing your KSDU licensing?

    I too would be interested in if this module is worth the cost as I have been recently queried by my employer if he should invest in this for us.

    Alternatively, I see that Ninite is claiming that their product  integrates with Kaseya via agent procedure what about buying Ninite Pro and using Agent Procedure to automate the installs, does anybody know if this method working any better?

  • I've been curious about this module too.  I currently use Ninite with Agent Procedures, but am very new to Kaseya and not skilled with Agent Procedures.  I am able to query for required updates and deploy updates en masse.  But it's pretty much a sledge hammer approach with a good amount of manual interaction to monitor results.  So I've been considering trying out KSDU as an alternative until I can do the scripting work.

  • @HardKonX I'm rethinking because at $10 per year per agent I could do much cheaper through Ninite Pro and agent procedures which is the way we did it to some degree before KSDU came out.  We main issues are scans don't complete all the time we get random access denied errors.  We had several tickets on this issue in the past and after many go arounds it was determined (per support) that Ninite was writing a hidden folder to the desktop that sometimes was blocked by Windows creating the access denied.  The problem was never fixed and the ticket was closed.  While the problem is much less then it was eight months ago it still happens.

    Also certain updates seem to fail pretty regularly such as iTunes, or hang causing us to manually clean the issue up.  About a month ago about 50 machines failed an update, it resulted in a DLL crashing everytime Word was opened.

    Several problems such as the installer using a high amount of CPU cycles have been resolved so the product is more stable then it was when we first started.

    I also find it interesting that Kaseya's module is no longer mentioned on the Ninite site.  If you clicked on the intergrate with Kaseya in the past it would talk about the module, now it discusses agent procedures.  Makes me wonder if there is an issue with Kaseya and Ninite.

  • We've had some issues with the profile settings not working or setting deployments correctly.  Several tickets with support to get them to work properly but not completely resolved.  We've currently have had ticket open since the 16th and deployment schedules are not applying.  Now if they get everything to work correctly it will be a nice module.

  • We "rolled our own" through bare Ninite and Agent Procedures purely for cost reasons--we could eat the cost of Ninite (or at least justify it by looking at how many tickets pertain to third-party updates, notifications, vulnerabilities and the like) and still come out ahead.  Not so much with KSDU which was 4-5 times the cost of bare Ninite.

    Yes, we miss out on the reporting--we update a Machine Custom Field with the parsed status based on Ninite's output and report on that MCF's value--definitely not pretty.  But better than nothing for a home-grown solution.

    (Sorry, I can't share the scripts for intellectual property-related reasons).

    If Kaseya considered lowering the price of KSDU, I think a lot more people would bite.  It's a slick module, and the integration into the VSA isn't anything to shake a stick at.  It's just too expensive.

  • We looked at KSDU and decided to just go with a straight ninite pro subscription. Ninite is so cheap we just rolled it out to all our clients, whereas with KSDU it was definitely something we would have had to charge for.  

    If you use the ninite log files it is possible to create some basic reports (log file reports) that will list every update run.  We also have a summary of installed updates on the exec summary reports that we parse from the log files.

  • KSDU is a joke that is overpriced.

    Buy ninite pro for $50 per month and use that. It's a godsend compared to doing it manually or with KSDU.

    I have a agent procedure that pushes out the exe then runs with the switches. All silently and it just works %100 each time.

  • What problems did you have with KSDU that made it a joke, Josh?

    You can automate OS updates with a procedure if you want, but they're important enough to garner delivering with a policy-driven module complete with reports, dashboards, native LAN caching of downloads, alerts, etc -- hence, we have a Patch Management module you're all likely using over WSUS or scripts.

    Third party updates are no different, and ultimately more important than OS updates themselves as third party applications are targeted and exploited more often than operating systems these days.

    While that may not be a common sentiment here yet, in other circles updating third party applications is a mission-critical process that demands more than just a simple script. I used to write and share third party app update procedures here on a weekly basis, even getting to the point where I developed a method for a central database to contain the update details so you didn't even need to update any actual procedures. This was still a far cry from a truly managed module that has the features I mentioned above common to Patch Management, coupled with a support department behind it. If you're able to put the effort into replicating some of KSDU's functions and policy-driven with scripts/agent procedure logs/etc that's fine, but for most people that isn't so feasible.

    I've seen some statements here about specific apps not updating properly with KSDU, though I'm not sure how using Ninite directly will solve that considering we execute the same exact installers at the endpoint. If any of you have any specific ticket numbers to share please message them over and I'll dig into what is going on.

    We lowered KSDU pricing earlier this year, so for those of you reading the thread who want to know more about it, just get in touch with your account manager.

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  • Ben I'm not sure what Josh's  issues have been but the reason I started this post is for $10 per agent per year compared to what Ninite Pro will charge the cost didn't seem worth the price and I was looking for other opinions.

    We also had a lot of issues in the first several months with the product (most seem to be resolved but not all) and spent more time working through the issues then we did when we just used agent procedures and we were sent money on the module on top of the time.  It can be frustrating to buy something that wasn't ready to be released but in a rush for revenue was released and then spend trying to get the product to work properly.

    When I questioned the price and asked about the hours of time spent working with support after the purchase of a poor product I was met with silence.  I'm not asking for Kaseya to give it away but a discount to acknowledge the pain would be a nice step.

    We have had apps hang on install and the process will continue to run slowing the machine down and hanging the machine in some cases.  Whether Ninite would have done the same thing I don't know, but prior to having KSDU we used Ninite Pro and never had a problem with an app hanging on install and crashing a machine.

  • jhadik, the least I can do for now is email you to find out what issues you're still running into with KSDU. You obviously do see the need for it and deserve the best we can give you from a support standpoint. As far as pricing goes I wish I could offer more but I'm not directly involved in that one.