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I'm considering Kaseya as the new system management tool for our company. We are particularly interested in the software deployment features. But after reading the features on the website, there are a few things that are not clear to me.

  • We would like to minimize the burden on our network as good as possible. Is it possible to set up multiple synchronized distribution servers with deployable software packages on a WAN? 
  • Is it possible to write a custom message to be shown to clients when software is installed on their computer?
  • Is it possible to let certain clients decide whether or not to postpone an installation? This might be useful when someone is giving a presentation.
  • Is it possible for clients to download certain software packages? Is it possible for theadministrator to make policies on that?
  • Is it possible to deploy software on a client laptop that is outside the network, using the internet?

I hope someone can answer these questions for me. 

Thank you in advance.

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  • Yes to all of the above.

  • As to the last question, The KSDU module within Kaseya will allow you to deploy software, no matter where the client is, because the connection is made via the internet.

    I am not 100% sure on the first four questions, but will hopefully have some specific answers for you.