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KSDU Pricing

  • Why does KDSU cost so much? Can I purchase directly from Ninite instead? With Ninite directly for 100 machines I would pay $240.00 a year. With Kaseya its $800 a year. Why??? Somebody tell me WhY>?

  • I'm guessing the answer you get will be along the lines of - 'but it's integrated into your Kaseya console...'  Or they're hoping you won't go off and check the difference in price.

  • The KSDU module is much more than a packaging of the Ninite technology. Without going into every feature within KSDU, there are some key integration points that we add on top of what Ninite provides as a standalone solution including:

    • Version cataloging: This is very useful if you need to distribute an older version for compatibility with other line of business apps

    • Unique Profiles that can align to org, role or view

    • Mix Custom Installers with Ninite Apps

    • Multiple Scanning options including Scan Only(new in 1.1)

    • Flexible Scheduling

    • Approval Process

    • Pre and Post install procedures along with Reboot actions

    • Policy Management Integration

    • Visibility of Completion and Policy Compliance

    • Built-in Local File Source Option

    • Discovery, Alerts, ticket, security and reports integration

    You are also free to license Ninite separately should that be a better option for your business.  

    Here’s a great quote from the folks at Ninite regarding our KSDU module: "The new Software Deployment features we've worked on with Kaseya are just incredible. It's never been this easy to manage software over many machines. You'll never want to go back to manually dealing with installations or updates."

  • We have used the standalone Ninite for a while now but have been testing the KSDU. The KSDU module does do a lot more than what Ninite Pro does on it's own.

    You can build some agent procedures to use the standalone Ninite but having to do this for every bit of new software is time consuming.

    KSDU actually looks like the one extra Kaseya module we will actually use. I have been very reluctant to touch anything but the core offering due to pricing issues and some bad experiences with KAV and KAM. But I think the pricing might be OK on this one and it seems to function OK. I saw this post because I wanted to check the forums for issues with KSDU before we leap.

  • Just thought I would throw an update up against my previous reply. I have been playing around a bit more with agent procedures and Ninite Pro and have streamlined things enough that we won't be going with the KSDU update. There are some things we will miss but most can be worked around with some useful procedures.

    I know KSDU has the ability to add custom packages but almost all of the things that need updating all the time are covered by Ninite Pro. Yes there is some manual processing here and there but we decided it was not enough to justify the 8x increase in cost for this. So for the time being we are going to make do with Ninite separately.

  • Andrew,

    Would you be willing to share your scripts for ninite pro?