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KPM + KSDU = AwesomeSauce.. Now how do we handle Terminal Server Deployments?

  • We're rolling KSDU out on a client-by-client basis using the KPM Module to push the KSDU policies, so that even as new agents get added, things just WORK.

    I've created a view that restricts the KSDU deployments to only non-server machines that aren't Mac OS X, with specific policies for x86 and x64 systems so I don't get a plethora of 'failed deployment' alerts when trying to install x64 software on a 32 bit machine...

    Now I'm being asked to roll in Terminal Servers to the deployment, and I'm wondering a couple things.

    A) Has anyone used KSDU on a Terminal Server, and did you have any issues?

    B) Do Java, Flash, and Adobe Reader updates require the CHANGE USER /INSTALL and CHANGE USER /EXECUTE commands to be updated successfully, in other's experience?

    C) Because we're deploying with KPM and not directly from within KSDU, has anyone created a 'view' that includes Terminal Servers, but not other servers?

    If anyone's curious about what I'm talking about, I'd be happy to discuss in greater detail.  As always, assistance is appreciated.

  • For A and B, with Windows 2008 R2 and Xenapp you do not specifically need to use the change user /install anymore as it is aware and will install them correctly.  I've had great success with all 3 of those apps on my citrix farm (well outside of adobe protection mode being a PITA)

    i haven't tried to use KPM to do any deployments...but be interesting to look into...