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KSDU Profile set during Agent Deployment

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 I have created a default staff profile that includes our standard software and I would like to have it automatically apply whenever I deploy a new agent. Has anyone done this successfully? I have also submitted a ticket to Kaseya to ask the same question. Usually to make changes to the agent deployment I apply them to my agent template and  copy those settings to my deployment package. In this case I was unable to see my template agent from within the KSDU module. Since I was not able to get to my template, I added a recently deployed agent to the profile, then created a new test deployment package and copied the settings from it. When I tested it, the new agent retained all of the other settings, but did not apply the KSDU profile. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to get agents to automatically apply a profile. I am trying to avoid manually apply a profile every time an agent comes online. 

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  • I heard back from Kaseya support. This was their answer:

    "Unfortunately, with KSDU, this cannot be done. The only way to automatically get a machine to have a profile assigned to it would be through the Policy Management module."

    I followed up with an additional question to elaborate what you can do with Policy Management. Although I don't think it will be helpful because I don't appear to have that module. Does anyone know if it possible to assign a profile via an agent procedure?

  • If you have an on-premise solution the Policy Management module can be downloaded at www.kaseya.com/.../downloads.aspx

  • We do this with the Kaseya Policy Management Module.  It works, up to the limitations of the 'View' Filters.