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Unlocking Unused Licenses

  • In the KSDU TechJam at about 7 minutes 50 seconds it talkes about unlocking KSDU licenses.

    How does a license unlock happen?  I have 34 machines with profiles assigned to them, and there's 36 licenses in use.  One is in use for a Mac (which isn't supported by KSDU), and the other is for a workstation I mistakenly assigned a profile to, but have since removed.

    Do the licenses auto-free up during a daily cycle, or am I missing something?  

    Also, shouldn't Mac agents automatically not burn a license if applied mistakenly? 

  • A KSDU license will be consumed for for any endpoint that is scanned, deployed-to or is a member of a profile.  If the endpoint is removed from a KSDU profile, then that license is automatically put in the available license pool after 30 days of inactivity.

  • then please add the ability for Kaseya to determine that it can't support a device and not consume a license.

    Just because I have all my customers devices in a profile doesn't mean you can support them and so you cannot charge me for them.

    Be like chargine me for antivirus because I applied the AV profile to a view that had MAC's in it.

    called fix your crap...

  • dijikul
    shouldn't Mac agents automatically not burn a license if applied mistakenly?

    You are not supposed to be able to assign a Mac machine to a KSDU profile (by mistake, or by any other means).  If you have Mac machines assigned to a profile, please open a ticket so that we can look at your system, confirm how the assignment is being made, and fix the problem so that Macs are excluded.

  • Kevin, the KPM Module applies the KSDU Profiles to Mac Agents if you don't create your VIEW Filter properly to filter out Mac Agents.

    I worked around it by tweaking my view filter, so I'm not opening a ticket, but this seems like an oversight on developments part.