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KSDU scanning to Ninite itself

  • Ok


    So we bought 300 licenses recently of KSDU only to find out after that the workstation itself,  needs to connect to Ninite on to update its scans of a workstation. Nowhere in the manuals or guides or system requirements could I find anything regarding this.

    This has now creates an issue in our company. I seriously need answers on this please.





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  • If you seriously need answers then you need to seriously raise a ticket!

  • Done :-(

  • Thats the answer:



    I can only suggest that you contact your sales person about this. Kaseya technical support are not best placed to answer questions about corporate responsibility or legal matters.

    If you do not know your sales person/account manager's details, I can find out who that is and supply you with the information that you need.


    i think the *** hit the fan and now the finger pointing starts. Now i ask the sales guy


  • I went through the techjam and noticed that in the techjam they mention the client needs access to a specific CRL list and also to nineite, but its not in the documentation.  I think it just got missed in the documentation vs deliverately excluded, although I figured it out pretty quick when I did my TESTING with a couple agents my sales rep got me that I had to allow specific internet traffic for it to function, thats whne I stumbled across the techjam.  

    I've sent feedback that the Help needs updated with these requirements.


    Check out slide 4...

    Kinda sucks a little as the machines that do not have internet access (system control boxes) are the ones I was hoping to keep up to date internally, but I guess I can still use procedures for them.

  • Apparently this going to be changed in the next release.

  • And when is a possible date for the next release? weeks months or years?

  • According to their Roadmap, in 6.4 and it just says planned. Which will probably sometime next year.

  • Funny (in a sad way of course) that by the time K releases a upgrade that removes this weakness that ninite has, your subscription will probably be close to expiring!

    Has anyone seen these guys:


    looks like a possible freeware replacement for ninite? Has anyone played with it yet?