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Master Ninite Catalog updates

  • You've got to be kidding me... so there is software in the master catalog that is NOT the latest version because Ninite stopped carrying it? How is having an outdated version of software helpful? I've been trying to figure out why some of the software is so outdated, and I finally stumbled on this.

    SO. FRUSTRATING. I don't mind having old versions in here, but they should be clearly labelled as "no longer updated" or something like that. It's really irritating to have to double-check that KSDU has the latest version of a software package. I thought I paid for this so I wouldn't have to deal with that very issue?

  • Fifoso, when Ninite has to remove software from their catalog it is because it's source vendor no longer wants anyone to be able to easily update the application through Ninite and they want their application REMOVED from their catalog.

    We at Kaseya have two choices to make at that point - either we can just remove it from our catalog, or we can wait until we get a take down notice from the vendor and keep any existing versions in the catalog.

    Right now, we're going with option #2 as this provides the most benefit to our customer base.

    Having outdated versions of applications can be incredibly helpful to customers with legacy applications that require certain third party apps/libraries be kept at certain versions for compatibility purposes.

    Flagging an application as 'no longer updated' somehow does seem like a reasonable feature improvement and our product management team can take it into consideration.

    To reiterate, this is an issue caused by the vendor of the application and not Ninite or Kaseya.

    I would recommend contacting the vendors of the applications Ninite no longer carries and encourage them to rescind their take down notices and support Ninite updating their applications once again.

    I personally only know of one instance where this has happened.  I see CutePDF was mentioned earlier in this thread as a possible missing app, but it is in fact still in the Ninite catalog and subsequently in the Kaseya catalog.

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  • Thank you Ben. I do not really have a problem with the direction Kaseya has taken, what is frustrating is the lack of visibility when something like this happens. These sort of exceptions to the way the product works need to be communicated much more effectively.

    Just looking at this thread, I wonder how much time could have been saved by kaseya clients if this was clearly labelled in the product. I'm just frustrated because it seems I'm constantly running into these little gotchas, especially with new modules.

  • I completely agree with fisofo here.  KSDU's great, but there's some idiosyncrasies that behave less than intuitively.  As an example, if you drag a specific version of something to your local catalog, say, Java 7 Update 17, that version stops showing on the right pane in the master catalog.  If you drag the whole Java 7 folder over, however, they all stay there.  Little things like this required opening a ticket to discover, because it was our impression the catalog wasn't working properly.

    KSDU 1.0 to 1.1 was a major improvement; I look forward to future revisions.

  • Wait, what?!?!?!  1.1 is out?  I guess it requires 6.3 so it'll be a little while before we switch over.  I guess I'm just a little surprised if it's out already and there wasn't an announcement!

  • Yes -- the KAseya 6.3 update upgrades KSDU to 1.1