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  • So I have the master list of applications that could be installed.

    I then select the applications I want to install.

    Then I put the applications in a profile.

    Then I apply that profile to a computer and it will install the latest version or a secific version of the software in the profile based on my selections.


    This part I get it makes sence in a few ways, but I use Ninite to do one thing and one thing only and it can be explained in a command line. "niniteone.exe /silent /updateonly /disableshortcuts /disableautoupdate"

    I am confused on how to do this:

    • Scan a computer
    • Find all applications that can be updated by this module
    • Update all applications
    • Pulled the updates from the internet not from the kserver
    • Disable all auto update systems from the newly installed applications
    • Do not create Icons on the desktop
    • And do this silently
  • We use the following to update all apps using the patch update folder:

    NiniteOne.exe /cachepath "#vPatchConfiguration.FileSourceUNCPath#\ninite\" /silent report.txt /updateonly /disableshortcuts /disableautoupdate

    We also have several other scripts that ensure standard apps are installed, check out the help on Ninite, it's pretty handy.


  • Actually my Ninite procedure is very complicated and does actually use that. It is a great suggestion though and I think you for it.

    I still have yet to find the function in the KSDU that does this.

  • The KSDU will scan a computer for apps and then you can apply profiles to the agent which will then allow auto updates.

    You can also lock down versions for customers in KSDU

    You can also create custom apps/installers and deploy your own software.  Other catalogs should come soon too.

    I admit there is also a missing feature which would be to scan a pc and then click each result and add it to a profile automatically.

  • Question then, if I have 1000 computers with random applications on them and I do a scan and make profile based on that then will I not have 1000 profiles + the profiles to roll out the apps i want?

  • That would depend on your preference (assuming the feature was implemented).  I would prefer to scan the computers in an organization, pick one, create a profile for that org and then click on the other scans in that org and add their apps to the profile so we have a full standard profile for that org. One you apply that profile to the org it will keep them automatically updated.

  • Yes but what if one of the selling points you are telling your clients is we are updating all applications possible.

    And to soak the cost of this or add it to the cost per system for a client without providing that feature makes it hard to justify.

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  • I did post a reply but it disappeared in the ether somewhere......

    I saw your feature request of a patch type profile and would work.  But my preference is to take it to the next step.....We dont want to sell on just what they have now (for example do they know that Chrome is better than IE, have they heard of Dropbox etc.?)

    So what I would like to do is scan the computers in an organization.  Then pick one computer and create a profile for that organization using the apps in that org.  Then go to the others and get the KSDU to add to the profile all apps in the scan that are not in there now.  Then apply the profile to the organization.

    Now they have a standard set of apps across all PCs in their org.  They will be automatically updated when new releases come out.  And we can add others to that profile too.

    Currently I am torn between creating profiles for orgs and creating "standard" profiles to work across orgs.  e.g. All Browsers, Dropbox, evernote, All adobe etc.  

    The ongoing work of keeping them updated is easy as it is done by the VSA but getting the profiles created for an organization that has existing apps on their computers and standardizing it could be improved in KSDU

  • This is an old topic but stil relevant.

    In reality, small business's don't enforce their users to use have specific software installed and many users do not want software they don't use on their machine.

    With the base ninite product its really is as simple as running the updateonly...ie, if its on there, patch it..otherwise, leave it alone....

    Whne I create a profile with 60 apps in it...I might have varying number of apps on each clients pc....is there a way with KSDU to have it not install new apps, but only update them if they exist?

  • This is coming in KSDU 1.1, Mark.

  • sweet...just placing an order for ksdu now...hopefully 1.1 will come in october...