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KSDU (Software Deployment and Update aka Ninite goodies) Status Request

  • Thanks Brendan

    I did go back to my rep about the pricing as he did say per month and not per year.  I am evaluating it now but dont see a problem moving forward at those prices.  I can see the extra features such as adding more stores other than ninite and also custom software will justify the extra cost.  4x the cost of ninite (2x with the discount) does come with 4x the features in the future and 2x the features now.

  • Thanks Mark.  Armed with good data its much easier to do proper evaluations of products.  :)  Also it helps you to know we're not crazy.

    [edited by: Brendan Cosgrove at 3:27 PM (GMT -7) on 10-18-2011] added clarity...i hope.
  • Hi brendan,

    Is the pricing in the UK the same ie £10 per seat or will exchange rates apply? Also is the $5 promo for the first year only?



  • @JUSTINT - I will have to check.  I've only seen USD.  I'm sure regional factors will apply but not sure if that changes anything for the UK.  The promo requires a 1 year commitment but I don't know if that keeps going.

  • Brendan - I'm sure that everyone is eager to get a glimpse of the roadmap for this module.

    Is there anything else that you can share with us about future plans, or what else (on top of the wonderful Ninite) we can expect to see integrated into KSDU?

  • Well, today, a big feature add is that ninite only tracks one version in the catalog, but with KSDU you can track as many back versions as you like.  Ninite is a "provider" in KSDU, as is Kaseya.  Going forward the goal is to offer many different providers, like "Microsoft" or even "Microsoft Office", or "Symantec" - each of these providers is a catalog of software that KSDU would be able to manage in terms of updating and deployment.  As we start getting up to speed with our KSDU webinars and other product information I think you'll see some of the potential, and even be able to help shape some of that as we go farther with this concept of catalog providers in KSDU.

  • When is it being released (if it hasn't already been)?

  • @Brendan I think you did not answer the question from Justint. The prices here are in Dollar, does is mean 10$ are 10€?...or you start use the calculator? :-)

  • Extract from an email I got for the Kaseya Rep in the UK yesterday

    Q4 Promotions

    We currently have promotions for all early adopters where if you were to purchase any amount of the KMDM add on either by perpetual or subscription we can offer a 40% discount until the end of December.

    Pricing starts as low as £2.16 per license per month and tiers down based on the number of core VSA agents deployed.

    It is my hope that the above provides you with enough information for you to decide if KMDM will be of interest, however if you require any clarification or further information please do not hesitate in contacting me.

    So the answer seems to be its going to cost more than twice the US price

  • @Peter

    That is KMDM -which is $3.60 per month before discounts.  We are discussing KSDU.

  • @Oliver - yes regional pricing factors apply I don't have them handy.  The best thing to do is contact your regional rep.  

  • Doh!

    Sorry about the confusion wrong product - good job someone is on the ball.

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  • Anyone in the UK got the KSDU pricing? I have been trying all week to get hold of someone.