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KSDU (Software Deployment and Update aka Ninite goodies) Status Request

  • Kaseya People,

    What's the current status of this product and your partnership with Ninite?  I see the product schedule had an estimated GA of Sept.  Given recent stories (http://net-security.org/malware_news.php?id=1863) about how the vast majorities of infections are due to outdated software (JAVA and Adobe products) I really want to keep those programs updated and had expected Kaseya to have this a long time ago.



  • okay so i am not an kaseya official.....but i can tell you KSDU is in released control right now ..... so my guess it approx 3 weeks to GA (but that's just a guess !)

  • Does anyone know if it will cost for this?

  • they are integrating ninite.....do you expect them to give away ninite licenses for free?

    i would love that.....but don't count on it

  • Ninite is VERY Cheap. Lets see if K can do it for $0.20 per machine/month :)

  • Droyt, this module is not just going to be a cheaper version of Ninite.

    Check a release announcement we put together for more information for now:


    Stay tuned, we'll have more soon :)

  • This is looking interesting, I like what I see but it is all what is the cost.

  • Just been told $10 per seat per month.  Discounts on early adoption.   That is 50x the Ninite cost.  So I would expect 50 times the features.

  • cue the UPROAR!!!!!!!!!!!  Discount on early adoption=paying beta tester.

  • @Mark - You sure you didnt mean $10 per seat per year?  Those are the numbers I have heard which are still much higher then our legacy $20/month ninite subscription and custom scripting, but if the features included are as significant as they look, there maybe some great advantages of moving this direction.....

    now just to hope that K proves phlight wrong:)

  • Well my rep told me per month. I have gone back to ask him what extras there are to justify the 50x price.  I am waiting for my test pilot license so I can try the new subscription and we will see the differences then.

    If it is $10 per month then I will have to run both Ninite and KSDU as a lot of my customers wont wear that extra cost as they sometimes want just the Ninite features.

  • Ok.  For the record the list price is $10 per seat per year for KSDU.  The launch promo is $5 per seat per year.

    The Ninite Stand-alone Updater is $9.99 per seat per year.

    Ninite Pro's lowest plan is $20 per month 1-100 seats.  So let's do some easy math.  At 25 seats deployed that is 9.60 per seat per year.  At 50 seats that's $4.80 per seat per year.  

    The biggest difference is that while I've compared ninite's pricing, ninite is just a piece of KSDU.  It would take quite a bit of work, I would venture to say thousands and thousands of dollars in time to build the features we have in KSDU into your individual kservers on your own.   So while it may be easy to compare some prices there is only the ninite update engine that they share in common.  KSDU is different with different features and functionality that enables better software deployment and update management integrated nicely into the framework of Kaseya.  

  • @Brendan Thanks for straightening this out.

    We'll have to see if KDSU seems worth it for the other things.  For me I would be paying just under $3 per seat per year for ninite pro, that's quite a jump to $10.

  • Yes Ninite is only a small part but using your math at 100 seats for Ninite it is $2.40 a seat.

    And I still have yet to find the simple function that Ninite has in this of just update all applications without making a new icon on the desktop with out installing anything.

    And More Math.

    Ninite at 1000 seats is $185 a month that is $2220 a year and $2.22 a seat.

    KSDU at 1000 seats based on the pricing listed is $10000 a year and $10 a seat

    KSDU at 1000 seats based on the Sale pricing listed is $5000 a year and $5 a seat

    The only thing is is the price drops below $2.20 a seat at close to 1000 seats.

    Still missing the update feature.

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  • I'll refer everyone back to Ben's post earlier in this thread for some of the functionality that comes with KSDU. I'll also refer you to our next KSDU webinar.  Emails with reg links are going out next week.