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Policy Object Greyed out and not being applied

  • I have a policy for my Workstations where Admins can remote on without permission.

    A  dialog normally appears altering the user an Admin is on.

    This is now stopped working and coincides with the fact that the object status is greyed out.


    I have used the Clear Override and Reprocess Polices buttons but this has not affect.

    Can anyone advise?

  • Are you on the latest release? We had this issue and it was fixed in the latest release from January,

  • I an using the SaaS version so I guess I am on the latest.

    I have a separate Policy entry for 1-click access without any notification which works fine.

    Ended up merging these 2 separate polices into one but turning on the user alert as a workaround.

    Opened a ticket with support to determine why it started happening and what the greyed out status actually means.