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Staggered Time Delay for Policy Apply

  • Hi all, I am trying to set something up as a Policy, and am stuck for ideas.

    I want to tag several machines as Targeted User Group (TUG) - probably a Custom Field.

    These machines should be patched in the next patching schedule once we've approved the latest patches, so we can see if there are any issues with the newly released patches.

    All other machines should skip the first patching schedule, and then run on the next patching schedule after that.

    Any ideas?

  • We have a view call Patch policy test group. We assign a patch policies to those machines and then they show up in the view. From there, you can use that view to apply the patch policy settings of choice.

  • Hi Buster, do you have to maintain a separate patch policy for those test machines?

  • We have a single System Policy that defines workstation patching for everyone. We then apply policies that change the schedule or the Patch Profiles for specific clients where overrides are needed.

    In this model, you can filter a schedule policy by the TUG group custom field and the schedule will override but all other settings will remain.