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Effective Policies empty?

  • Is anyone else seeing an issue with Policy Management effective policies being totally empty? Ever since we went to 9.4, Whenever I look at the "Machine Effective Policy Settings" screen, it just says "No record found" for any machine in our system. According to Kaseya support, this is just a known bug with no work around and no ETA to fix. I'm surprised to see no one else mention it here in the forums if that's the case. Policy Management is a big piece of the system, and it seems odd to me to not be able to actually see what policies are applied to machines, and it's not a high-priority for Kaseya to fix. 

  • I'm not seeing that bug... "Machine Effective Policy Settings" shows data for me,  Ticket/defect #?

  • Hi Brian, It's currently Ticket/Request # 177434 . We're also running

  • Same issue here and same version. Reported as a bug as you mentioned... Really hard to figure out why something is not working .. :/

  • Same issue and version here. Our work-around is to change the configuration settings in policy management. We edit the schedule of the compliance check and set the date to today. After a few minutes all agents get their policy again. Also a dummy change group will solve the issue. But this takes longer.

  • Same issue here. Has there been any updates to the bug report or the ticket?

    Bsis, regarding the workaround, can you expand on the second suggestion: "Also a dummy change group will solve the issue. But this takes longer."


  • Same issue here. We just use the "reprocess policies" button as blunt instrument to fix this one.

  • I confirm this bug. Please fix it.

    Thank you.

  • Same here.

  • Here too

  • Same here

  • Looks like has a fix.....testing now.

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  •  - What did you find out from your testing?

  • Effective policies is still empty for us. We installed .24 yesterday but it seems like this has has introduced a raft of problems for us. Also, since the patch we have a new KPM issue - changing the KPM policy deployment interval immediately disables (System) outbound email.

  • I have patch .24 and my effective policies are also empty.