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Exclude an OS?

  • Is there a way to exclude an OS from a policy? For instance, I have a policy to install a specific software on all Windows Workstation but I want to exclude XP. IS there a way to do this in the policy?

    Also for my Agent Menu policy, I have it set to a custom ALL VIEW which is basically all workstations/servers. Anyways, I have my working directory set in this policy but MAC agents are not in compliance because they obviously do not use a C: drive. Any ideas to a better solution? If I have 2 agent menu policies (1 MAC, and 1 Windows) assigned to a group, will I have issues if they are both set up the same just with the correct working directory?

  • If you want to exclude via policy, you'll just need to create a view. Policies require a view and only work on the view selected. Under advanced filters>Operating System clear the field and put in "(NOT *XP*)"

    You need the parenthesis but not the quotes. Save the view, and see if that list gives you all your machines besides your XP. If it works, just select that view under the policy management when you are editing the policy, and you should be good to go.

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  • Hi wellbornsteak,

    Simply putting (NOT*XP*) under the Operating System or OS Version field does not work. This has 0 machine results!


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  • Ah, your spacing is off. Every little detail counts. It should look like this: puu.sh/.../4458cd5b52.png

    Gotta have a space between NOT and *XP*

  • Thank you. I got it.

    I also think I found a better way. I wanted to exclude these XP machines because they are Thin Clients. I just created a new machine group under their name and moved them all to there since they really dont need any monitoring or software. Thanks for your help.