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Unapplied policy: how to determine what settings were changed since the last time it was applied

  • I was doing an audit of our policies and found a couple that are yellow that we use for a large number of clients. I have no idea who edited the policies or what they changed. How can I see what settings were changed since the last time the policy was applied?

  • jimmyc,

    There is no UI-facing log that shows what is currently applied in a policy (a "yellow" policy) v. what had-been-applied-and-is-currently-deployed.  You can check the policy log to identify who changed a policy, but not the individual object or settings that were adjusted.  If you want this level of detail, you potentially have two options:

    1.  Find a machine using these policies which is currently "In Compliance" and compare what's actually configured on that sample machine to what the policies currently show (so you can figure out what's the same/what's difference

    2.  If you are running an OnPremise install, you can dig into the database to compare the deployed settings to the committed settings for a given policy.  Support may be able to provide you with details regarding specific tables to look at - if you want to pursue that, I recommend opening a ticket.

    If you haven't done so already, I would highly recommend submitting a feature request here:  helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../22881733-Product-Administration (click the "Suggest an Idea" button, available just above the stats once you're logged in).  I would suspect the request would be to include detailed logging of each individual policy object that has been changed, by whom, and when.