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Dynamic Views and Scheduled Procedures in Policy

  • Can anyone clarify the interaction between a policy view and procedure scheduled by that policy?

    Specifically I have a policy view of "All Workstations Last Reboot 7+ Days" and a nag to reboot script.

    If i schedule the script to run once in the policy, if a machine reboots and leaves the view, then in 7 days time it returns to the view, will the script be scheduled to run again?

    Or the other side, if I schedule the script to run daily, when a machine reboots and leaves the view, will the script continue to run daily?

  • Some of this might have changed with the newer version of the VSA.

    Scheduling an agent procedure suing a  policy can sometimes be problematic as the start date will always eventually end up being in the past and this causes the schedule to sometimes skip one occurrence.

    I also found that scheduling an agent procedure to only run once with policies to be very buggy and you will sometimes end up with the agent procedure being permanent scheduled to run.

    If you want to trigger a scheduled reboot on a workstation if the last reboot time is over 7 day I would suggest using a performance monitor set instead. You can still use the Policy to apply the monitor set and use it with an agent procedure that will schedule the reboot procedure when you want it to run.