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Global Org missing from Assign Policy area

  • Since version 7, I can't see our "Global Org" for applying policies at the global level. Has anyone else seen (or... NOT seen) this?


  • If you don't have access to it, you won't be able to see this.

    This was implemented in 7.0 to remove users who didn't have global scope of the VSA from adding/deleting policies that would affect the whole lot of organizations.

    Are you under "Master" Role and Scope?

  • help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp


    The 'Global Org' organization has been removed from the Policy Management > Organizations / Machine Groups page for non-master and non-system users.

  • We're on Hosted (Saas) and don't have the Master scope or role. This is a huge problem if Cloud users can't apply global policies.

  • prior to this you were on your own tenant ID, so your global scope would only be within your tenant group.

    You will need to address this in a support ticket and this may need to come in a future update of Policy Management.

    Don't know if they would fix this in a bi-monthly release.

  • what do you think?

  • Wow. So how many hundreds of Kaseya customers suddenly have no access to any of their globally applied policies? This wasn't very well thought out, was it?

    Any policies that are applied can't be removed, but they're still taking affect. If they're not planning on fixing this I'm not sure what we'll do.

  • It's been confirmed by Kaseya that hosted customers no longer have access at all to the Global Org. section of Policy Management. Any settings already in there are (for now) stuck in there, and nothing new can be added. Policies will have to be managed per customer/machine group/machine.

  • We have identified the cause of the problem, and we are working on a solution to restore the Global Org to "System" users in the SaaS environment.

    - Kevin Franck, Kaseya Product Management

  • Thanks for the heads up Kevin!

    Do you think we're looking at a few days or more long term for a fix? Right now there are policies stuck under Global Org.
  • Interprom
    Do you think we're looking at a few days or more long term for a fix?

    We are pushing hard to see if this can be released as a patch.  We can not commit to a timeframe at this moment; however, we are treating this as a near term high priority issue.

  • This is getting unbearable. I work with many Kaseya customers and every one of them have NO access to policies which are affecting their clients!

    We need access to our global Organizations in policies. This isn't optional. Please reverse whatever changes you made to policy permissions so we can maintain our customers networks?!

  • Interprom
    We need access to our global Organizations in policies

    We have confirmed the fix for this issue, and it will be included in the next Patch Release (  

  • Patch Release is now out and does list this as a restored feature.