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Run Procedure Immediately - Not Next Day?

  • Is it possible to run a procedure immediately when assigned by policy?  Any procedure that is assigned by policy gets scheduled for the next day.  I would like to be able to run it as soon as assigned.


  • I just wanted to bump to see if there was any update. Thanks.

  • If you pre-date it (in the past), the schedule should be applied as is and the scheduler should promptly execute.

    Is this not happening?

  • Make sure "skip if offline" is not checked. Anything scheduled in the past will run immediately and the next schedule will be X min/day/whatever after that (with the same time) depending on the recurrence you set.

    As pointed out by Brade, this applies to templates and not policies.
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  • Agent Procedures scheduled via Policy Management will not run immediately, even when the procedure is scheduled in the past.  When scheduling an AP via Policy, the procedure will run at the next future execution time.  

    Most people who need to run a procedure immediately upon checkin are using Templates for this - templates will run a procedure at first checkin.  Another possible option is to configure an Alert from the Monitor module to run an agent procedure (script) when agents first check into a machine group using the New Agent Installed alert.  This would apply to all machines in the selected machine groups.

    When Policy was first introduced in 6.2, procedures that had been assigned and scheduled in the past within a policy did run (relatively) immediately.  This was changed as this behavior was found to be detrimental to many customers.  If you would like to see this behavior re-introduced, I recommend opening a feature request.  While I can't speak to whether such a change might be included in a future release, it would seem reasonable to ask to have the default behavior remain as-is (past APs not run) but to provide a mechanism within a policy to override this now-default behavior and allow a policy-assigned AP to run once upon first checkin.  

  • Thanks Brande. You're right - I am using templates and didn't realize I was posting in the Policy Management forum :P