I apologize if this question has been answered in a previous post but I am seeing some strange behaviour with policies.

How can I effectively and reliably remove a policy (and the agent settings controlled by that policy) from an agent?

I have a Low Disk Space monitoring policy that it's view was set to Servers.  I changed the view to none in hopes that the policy (and agent settings controlled by the policy) would drop off the servers.  When looking at the Policy Management>Machines page, I am still seeing servers with this policy applied to it and I am not seeing workstations applied to it via association with Org/Machine Groups even though there is no view.

I tried copying agent settings from another workstation to a workstation with the Low Disk Space monitoring policy applied to it in hopes it would replace the policies with the one from the source agent but all of the original policies and the Low Disk Space monitoring policy are still applied.