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Nothing in System Cabnet

  • After watching the Kaseya Policy Management II tech jam, I decided to follow their instructions and move "copy" the contents of the system cabinet to my policies cabinet.  Well, that copy turned into a one-way cut.  Has anyone run across this or know how to fix this?  I have a ticket in with Kaseya, but this might be faster.

  • Hm... approval for this post took 13 days.

    Anyways, I created a ticket and Kaseya said that a hotfix should address this soon.

  • Have you tried going to System>Manage.  Choose an Org and then run through the steps on the Systems Management tab.  It should attempt to install those if hey are not there.  

  • in the past, I had tried that.

    I discovered this morning that I have my folders back under system.