Has anyone started using the the "Systems Management" tab?

I have been using Policy Management since it was released.  I have my own home grown hierarchy set up that seems to be working fairly well.

The problem I have is when I have a organization that wants to get copies of all the email alerts (my sales guys sold it so I have to support it).  Every item in every email alert has to be overridden.  Then they are out of compliance.  If someone goes in and resets/overides the compliance the changes are erased.

In the Systems Management I can only set one email address for each alert category.  I can actually set it to a distribution list that is easy to manage.

It uses the System Container Policies when it is applied.

How often are they updated?

What if I want to customize them? or Fix them.  I set it on a test network and got a few hundred errors that My Exchange 2003 server was missing the all the 2007 services. 

I see they use    #sev1AlertEmail#  as the email address.  Is it possible to use this somehow in the policies I already have created?  I think I would have to apply the System management, remove the policies and apply my own?  Do the Originals ever get re-applied? 

Any Ideas?