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Do policies overwrite or add?

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I have not started using Policy Management yet, but have made tweaks to different settings in other sections of Kaseya. Applying a policy with some policy sections not configured will not "blank out" my current settings will it? It will leave everything intact and just apply the policies I have set right?

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  • yes thats right

  • techp,

    Policy Management will only apply those objects (settings) which you define within the policy.  Any other settings you've made outside of Policy will stay the same.  For example, if you have a policy that devices the Agent > Set Credential but does not define the Agent Menu, the definition you've configured in Policy for the Set Credential will apply to the endpoint(s) where said policy is applied.  However, the Agent Menu settings will remain just as they are.  

    I would recommend you review the tech jams that have been presented on Policy Management to get a better idea of how the module works and what to expect when using Policies to manage your endpoints.  Recorded tech jam presentations are available for review here:  www.kaseya.com/.../techjams.aspx.  There have been two presentations on Policy - one in June 2012 and one just last week.

  • This is what the DB says about the subject 

  • I've noticed when I applied a Patch Policy to my agents that it overwrites settings under Patch Management.  Let's say for example I wanted to exclude one device. Would the changes I make under Patch Management supersede the Patch Policy?

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    Changing a setting that's controlled by Policy through the module itself will create what is called an "Override."  This will cause the machine to be "out of compliance".  If you want to make a long-term change to a policy-controlled object, I recommend making the changes in the Policy Management policies directly.  If you want to make a short-term change, using an override will work, but it may cause confusion in reporting and the manual override will be lost if an admin clicks the "Clear Overrides" button on the Policy > Machines page.

  • Brande,

    Can you point us quickly to documentation on how multiple policies are applied to an endpoint?

    I remember that some items are consolidated while other policies have an order of precedence.

    I'm also trying to remember what happens when a policy is removed from a group or machine.  I remember that some of the policy settings remain while others are removed.

    I know the documentation exists, but I'm not able to track it down today.

  • I would recommend the TechJam posted here:  community.kaseya.com/.../86590.aspx  

    If you prefer to read, the User Guide is available here: help.kaseya.com/.../EN_kpmguide_R92.pdf (you can get to this directly by going to help.kaseya.com and finding the User/admin guide for the module in question)

    There are a number of KBs on how policy works, but the TechJam helps bring it all together.  To briefly (and relatively generically) answer, Policy WRITES settings, but does not REMOVE settings.  Therefore, if you remove a policy from a machine (or group, org, etc.), the configuration which was in place at the time the policy was removed will remain in place until it's manually edited.  

    Just a side note for those looking for documentation in general:

    http://helpdesk.kaseya.com provide access to KB articles and allows you to open a support ticket

    http://help.kaseya.com provides a listing of all technical documents

    http://university.kaseya.com provides access to training and also aggregates the various sources of documentation to help make finding the info stored in the various locations a bit easier

  • Thanks, Brande.  Great info, as always.