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How can I restore a policy folder that was deleted

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I was deleting a folder underneath a folder in policy manangement, but it deleted the entire folder. How can we restore a folder in policy management from one of our backups? I created a ticket, but I was wondering if anyone knows where to find this data in the SQL backup.

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  • I would like to know this, too. What is the best procedure to backup / restore policies?

  • I apologies for not replying in a timely manner. The policies are not located in just one table, they are located in multiple tables, trying to extract that information from one multiple tables and importing it to another DB can be time consuming and can cause possible issues on your current DB. The safest way, though time consuming, is to import the policies as you stated on your last reply.


    Jonathan Sanchez

    Support Specialist

    Importing grabs all settings from an Agent and you have to remove everything that shouldn't be in the policy and correct some stuff. Hopefully you never accidentally delete a policy, because it there is no easy way to recover it, you pretty much have to rebuild.

  • An alternate suggestion would be to stand up a test KServer and use MSDE as the database (no Agents will be checking in, so it should be able to handle it).  You can use the same license key--they draw from the same license pool.  You can then import the previous backup, go to Import/Export center, and export the policies in question to be imported into the original server.

    Agree though... there's no good "undo" function on deletes... you can just restrict folks down to a Role with only the access rights they need (to prevent accidental/intentional deletions by an underling), and make sure your Master Admins have had sufficient coffee Smile

  • I was removing a policy back then and accidentally removed an entire group that contained about 25 policies, so that was fun. There should def be a future recovery option for this, as the entire structure could be wiped out rather easily.

  • We export the policy folders to an offline resource with the Import/Export Center that is under System\Import Center.

    Since all is treebased and stored in separate folders for B2C,B2B,....  it is easy to export each folder separate and safeguard the backup somewhere....