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Two policies with disk alert not work !

  • hello to everybody.

    My apologies if this post is covered by someone else but I haven't found anything about

    I'm facing up the Policy Management

    I create an hierarchic policies tree with Object Oriented attitude,
    So I have two policies.

    For example:
    Parent policy:    Computer (all  OS)
    Child policy:    Windows Computer

    Computer policy has a low disk alert
    with alarm and send email setting

    Windows policy has the same low disk alert
    but with only clean disk operation,
    without the send email setting and alarm

    Fisrt I apply to the machines  the parent policy, second the child policy.

    Policy matrix  show all setting in compliance and active

    Policies Overriding is not necessary because it was not reported.

    I don't know why,  but works only the child policy and parent policy doesn't send email.

    Do you have any suggestions to resolve this problem or to setting policies with the best practice ?

    Thanks in advance


  • A machine can only have one low disk alert, and all of the settings related to that alert must be set by a single policy.  In this case, the child policy trumps the parent policy.

  • This case is unusual because the policy matrix does not show  the "inactive" icon.  

    Now I  can go on to class my policies

    Thanks Kevin for your answer.

  • yes i have found this to be strange too.

    you can have 2 policies with the same perfcounters one will over ride the other.

    why i found this strage is if you apply the monitorsets manually you can have multiple sets assigned and get multiple alerts

    i guess this was done so the hierocracy of layering and over writing policies would work

  • I've just run into this again as I was testing a new powershell script for disk space monitoring. Very annoying!

    Also I've lodge the issue with Kaseya support over a month ago which was escalated to the product team, only to this morning receive a ticket update with a bounce message from the 24th last month!

  • i dont think this is a problem it's intentional and i dont want them to fix it

    it's like this so policies can override each other which is a truly great feature in pol man (and's far simpler than the current trend of making custom fields and views to change the monitoring)

    you set your default policies to the root org  then if you want to change the monitoring for one machine or group them you have another policy with the same counter as you want to change and you apply it over the top with the different threshold or disable the alarm if you want to stop it from creating alarms.

    i would still like a way to have the same counter twice though , im working on a few ideas

  • Sorry Michael, I should of been more clear!

    My issue is that the parent policy is reporting as out of compliance even though it is being applied correctly.

    It would be great to have the same counter twice though :)