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Policy Dashboard was usless waste of programming effort

  • Or really, it didn't have any effort at all put into it...guess thats a chicken/egg issue?

    Its great that I get a craph that shows that I have 103 machines without a policy applied...great, now how to hell do I figure out which 103, unless I look at every icon and every machine to figure it out.

    None of the filters in the policy screens work, and you can't just drill down into the pretty pie chart to get a list of machines, nor can I create a filter based on no policy applied.

    Unfortunately thats some programmer with ADHD who came up with a script that reads the database and creates the graph and then squirreled onto something else and forgot to finish the damn thing...

    So please...if you figure out that we are going to need to identify when machines don't have a policy applied...finish the damn thought and give me a way to tell which machines they are...

    please and thank you....

  • Ps - Please take these issues into consideration for 6.3 and ignore the fact I must have been terribly miffed the night I wrote that while trying to figure out what was missing policies...

  • Love the fact that it took you nearly two months to go back to your own post and add a PS to it.

    You are right though.  There are areas of KPM that seem to have been added as an afterthought.  It's a product we couldn't be without but we're always wondering when it might actually be finished.

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  • @Alistair - Wonder no more!


  • Love the fact that it took you nearly two months to go back to your own post and add a PS to it. - was one of those things where I started trying to search for the same info and ended up searching the forums and came across my own post :o)

  • @ghettomaster - LOL's - So from the search results it would appear to be 21st December this year, can't wait!!!!

  • @Allistair - That's right! PM will be working 100% bug-free in Q1.

  • @ghettomaster - LOL