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Applying multiple Monitor Sets using KPM

  • Hi,

    I have found that if I apply multiple Policies, each with their own Monitor Sets defined, that the first one wins and none of the other Policies are applied. Is this expected behaviour?

    I understand this would make sense for settings that contradict (e.g. Agent Menu settings), but surely Monitor Sets should be cumulative?

    Otherwise, how can you apply N different Monitor Sets each based on their membership of a different View, without defining N! Policies to cover all permuations? (hope my high school math hasn't failed me there).

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



  • The monitor sets should be cumulative.  If this is not working for you, please submit a support ticket (if you haven't already).

  • That's a relief, thankyou Kevin.

    I'll do thorough check over my Policy configuration and if I can't find a problem with it then I'll log a support ticket.

  • Interesting....

    I found that no amount of 'Reprocess Policies', 'Clear Override', or Compliance Checks would cause KPM to recognise the new policies. Notably, they were new policies that I'd added to a folder, and it was this folder that was already applied to the organisations rather than the policies individually.

    But, I dragged one of one of the new policies to a different order in the list and suddenly it all began to work. It applied them all correctly and is still correct even after moving it back to where it was.

    The moving of the policy within the folder seemed to trigger something so that the changes were recognised - is there any of this sort of logic in the KPM engine?

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  • @willis

    Interesting finding.  Please issue a ticket (if you haven't already).  We should have a look at your system to find out why you had to move the policy to get things to work.