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Hi All,

I'm not sure ill be here on the right place at this forum. If not i hope to hear...

I'm trying to set up Policy Management in Kaseya with over 100 organisations. With this module we want to apply policys (for maintance) to several groups of computers:

  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Laptops

To do this you can edit/create a view to select all the servers or laptops (Reasonable Powerfull tool in Kaseya). Thats easy, select the view: OS - All Servers or (for laptops) select the view: Devices - All Laptops.
When i want to select all Desktops (Laptops excluded!) i got some problems. Because:

When i select: "OS - All Workstations" i get al the workstations including laptops.
Next step i tried: Edit this view and select the Advanced agent data filter, then fill in the Chassis Type with: NOT *Laptop* NOT *Notebook*. Unfortunately I still get laptop's and notebooks in my view.

Okay, ill try another way. I Created a new view and fill only the Advanced agent data filter with:

  • Operating System: *7* or *Vista* or *xp* AND NOT *2008* AND *2003*
  • Chassis Type: NOT *Laptop* NOT *Notebook*

You should say: You get only the machines with Windows 7, Vista, XP and not the one installed on a notebook or Laptop.
But when i watch this view i still get all all the workstations including laptops unfortunately the rule is set: NOT *laptops* NOT *notebooks*.

Okay, because i'm not giving up i tried another way:

  • Operating System: *7* or *Vista* or *xp* AND NOT *2008* AND *2003*
  • Chassis Type: *Desktop* or *Tower*

With this rule i hoped i get only the desktops i want (Without Servers and Laptops). But unfortunately i get now a list of desktops and servers... And that is not wat i want.(Some servers have the chassis of a desktop/tower).

The problem (in my eyes) is that Kaseya look separately at each rule.

Example: a Server with Server 2008 installed and has a tower chassis.

First Kaseya looks at the first role:

  • Operating System: *7* or *Vista* or *xp* AND NOT *2008* AND *2003*

Alright: Kaseya searches for all the systems with windows 7, vista, xp but without 2008 and 2003. Good, this example has 2008 so the server will not enter this list. Good!

Second: Check all the systems with following rule:

  • Chassis Type: *Desktop* or *Tower*

Wait, got a system (our example) with chassis: Tower, so add to this list/view-result.

As i told before: Kaseya looks at every role seperatly and not together. What i sould expect:

Look at first role:

  • Operating System: *7* or *Vista* or *xp* AND NOT *2008* AND *2003*

Get all computers with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Second: Check all the systems with following rule:

  • Chassis Type: *Desktop* or *Tower*

Get all the systems from the first result with chassis: Desktop and Tower.

Result should be: All desktops/towers with windows 7, vista and xp.

Has anyone a solution for this? It is not a solution for me to use the filter in Kaseya because i want to create a view for the policy management module. I want this seperation for maintance the systems. Laptops get here another treatment then Desktops (Laptops are often off the road and not connected to the network).

Another thing i tried was as followed:

Make a policy for all the workstation and a policy for all the laptops in policy management (Were the laptop policy should override the Workstation policy). Unfortunalety this does not work. Because a laptop picks one of the two policys (The first one you applied) and the laptop policy does not override so it will not take any effect on the laptop.

Ik hope to hear from someone...



Paul Schermers


PS: Excuus me for my poor English

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  • Hey Paul,

    Take a look at the IT Service Delivery Kit @ community.kaseya.com/.../53077.aspx.  It contains a bunch of different view along with many other items.  A couple of the views included are _HW - Laptop and _HW - Not Laptop.  I create a view based off of the Not Laptop view that also included just the Workstation OS filter.

    Until you have time to look at that here's the breakdown of how to create the views.

    Laptop - Under Advanced agent data filter in the Chassis Type: notebook or laptop or portable

    Not Laptop - Same location: not notebook and not laptop and not portable

    Then you can add the appropriate OS filter needed.

    Looks like you were close and on the right track though.

    Hope that helps.