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apply policy to newly created groups

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I have and Agent install package that prompts the installer to enter their own Group ID.


This then creates a new group for this agent. (off the root)

Question is: Can I set up policy manager to apply an existing policy to these new groups.



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  • Yes apply them to the parent organization then any new groups create will get the applied policies to the ORG

  • My problem is the groups being created are not sub groups.... they are created directly off the root Organization...

    I can seem to find a way to apply a policy to the root....(Top Level)

  • sorry i understand your point now .. and i dont believe it is possible 

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  • Michael is correct, this is currently not supported.  However, this is a feature that is being added to the next version.  There will be a "global" node in the organization assignment tree that will apply policies to all organizations.