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Policies Best Practices

  • Being that this module is a new module there isn't much information on it.

    I switched from using agent templates to using policies full time.

    My question is what are best pratices every follows.

    Do you create a seperate policy for every org and monitoring set? IE. 1 policy that handles Exchange monitoring then another for  BES, etc.

    How do you handle the patching for each client through the policies. IE. Credentials and source

    I have seen some setups with a bunch of different policies but then kaseya recommends using just 1 or 2 per org.

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  • I've also moved over to using policies for patching but i dont use Kaseya monitoring.

    I setup one policy for every org. which sets the file source and schedule. Then i created a policy that applied to all orgs. this contains the credential, patch profile, and anything else thats common to all orgs.

  • yeah I would say as etabush says strip out all the common denominators and make them one policy.

    You can assign folders to orgs as well - so you could have a folder and inside have a load of server roles like Exchange / BES / IIS etc and then just drag the Roles folder over to the Org rather than picking each policy and dragging it...