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I have created a Policy with most settings and procedures which should be assigned to the machines, but when assigning the policy to a group of machines it always shows that the machines is out of compliance. It shows that all settings are in compliance except the agent procedures. How do I fix this? Is the policy not supposed to schedule the correct procedures on the agent?


I have tried reapplying and reprocessing the policy, but still some machines remain out of compliance.


Does anyone else have this problem and possibly a solution?

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  • Hey,

    have you found a fix for this? I'm having the same issues.


  • I'm having the same problem. It's been a long time and there have been no answers provided on this. I've gone so far as to cancel every procedure scheduled to run on a machine to see if the policy would apply (or reapply) them. This doesn't happen and my policy shows out of compliance due to agent procedure.

    Can anyone help?

  • Hello Experts.

    I've the same issue on Policy Object Type "Checkin". Don't know why, no log at all. How we can debug why it is out of compliance?



  • added a ticket: CS091101

  • Same issue here with checkin, allegedly fixed today via hotfix (I got a lot of hotfixes today for KPLM but haven't had a chance to verify that the issue is/is not corrected yet).  I had a Kaseya ticket open for this and they told me today that it had been fixed with a hotfix, at least for checkin compliance.

  • Hello.

    Just checked our hotfix history. But no policy-checkin related fixes here applied. Hmmmmm ... waiting :-)

  • Kai,

    You have to scroll down to the bottom to see Policy hotfixes...