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What does Select All do?

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I have some nested groups  ie groupname.subgroupname.  when i hit select all for my new monitoring policy i assumed select all would get everyone underneath.  one server kiled a drive in his raid today.  the server itself emailed us, but i checked autotask for the ticket from my policy and it wasn't there.


checking the module I saw none on the sub groups got the policy applied.  is that the way it is supposed to work?

what about when i add a new group is there anyway to get global policies to flow to that group automatically?



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  • If your policy Icon is yellow in the policies section that means you have not pressed the apply button, and your policy will not apply until you do this.

    All sub groups should get a policy from the parent group.



    |--- Policy 1

    |--- Company.Machgroup

    |....|---- Inherented Policy 1 (does not show it)

  • i see.  

    the policies are white not yellow, but it seems that it didnt apply them to anyone.  I thought that it was just the subgroups as they were not checked.

  • this is definatly a bug.  it does not apply policies to subgroups.  installing the module kills BUDR alerts.  i thought the release was pushed for more testing....

  • Under Policy Management / Assignment / Organizations / Machine Groups, the ‘Select All’ button will select all top-level Organizations (but not the Groups or Sub Groups).  Then, if you select a Policy from the tree on the right, and click the ‘Select & Assign’ button, KPM will assign the selected policy to each Organization.  As mentioned above, all Groups should pick up Polices from their parent Org, and Sub Groups pick policies from their parent Sub Groups, Groups, and Organizations.  ‘Select All’ was intended to make it easy to assign a policy to every existing machine (currently) under management.

    If you find that the Policies at the Org Level are not trickling down to the lower levels, please submit a Support ticket, and we will assist you with a solution. (I just tested it, and it is working for me.)

  • I have a ticket the answer was "maybe the hotfix due out this week or next week will fix it"