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Views breaking after VSA Server Update!!!

  • Hi All,

    Wondered if the community can jump in here and maybe apply some pressure if you too are experiencing the following issue.

    After the last several VSA Server updates we noted that many of our customers Views will no longer filter and show all machines instead. Since Policies in Policy Management heavily depend on View filters for automation this can be very devastating if not caught and fixed in time.

    We have seen this issue happening to many of our customers and the only way to fix it is to edit and save each view.

    >>>>Kaseya Support can you please address this issue urgently before releasing the next VSA Server Update!<<<<

    And to the community if you can please comment below if you have been experiencing this issue.


    Chris / HK

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  • Yikes.... I haven't updated yet, but following this closely. We heavily rely on views and have hundreds.

    Is it specific types of Views? Most of ours are "specific machines", which we automated populating. They have to be the simplest of Views.

  • Hi,

    This doesnt sound good at all really. Are you on-prem on SaaS, what version are you currently running?

    So are you saying that the views that you created yourself are no longer linked to Policies which you have created?

  • We have seen only a few reports of this on some of our higher use servers in SaaS.  We are still investigating... but what we know right now is that it appears to present following the Re-Apply Schema... and in my experience, affects only View's that utilize the "Advanced Filter"... it may even be just the ones based on Custom System Info fields within Advanced.  Its difficult to test scenerios because as mentioned, saving is the fix so we cant test changes.

    Given that the introduction is post Reapply Schema, the root cause could be a change or error that happened some time between this reapply, and whenever the last run was... which only affects the server after the reapply runs.

    This is a priority 1 issue for us.  Support and Engineering are investigating as I type.

    **IF YOU EXPERIENCE THIS** , please open a Ticket... even though you know we are already working on it.  It is just as important for use to understand the scope.  At this time, it is NOT widely reported.  

    That said, we completely understand how impactful this can be on or partners and their VSA Policies and we are treating it as such.


  • From what we have observed across several of our customers:

    On-Prem and SAAS (including Techs+Together) platforms have been impacted. Not 100% so may be related to whether UpdateSchema is run or not as part of the update.

    The updates in December seem to be when this started. We had not seen this issue previously during the past 4 years of customers using our software on VSA.

    Views using Custom Fields are affected. The settings in the custom fields are ignored. Views that use the standard fields in the advanced view settings are NOT impacted.


    Basic setting applies if Agent is NOT Suspended - should display most every agent.

    Advanced Setting is MyCustomField="Yes" - should limit view to only systems with "Yes" in this field.

    Define an agent with your custom field set to "Yes" and another agent set to "No". When applying the view, you should only see the one agent set to "Yes". After the VSA update, re-test. If you see all agents instead of the one test agent that has "Yes", the views with custom fields are impacted.

    As Chris noted, selecting these views in the View Editor and clicking Save will resolve the issue.


  • Kirk - sending you an email...

  • We saw something similar, but not exactly the same.  Kaseya support case #1796251.

    We upgraded our on Prem to 9.5.1 from and we lost the ability in our views to select "Advanced agent data filter". The fix was quickly provided by support.  It was to replace the editView.asp file with one provided by support.  I hope this helps with the investigation into the root cause here.

  • I have the same problem mentioned by .

    Kaseya support case #1792780 back in October.

    Same solution proposed, although I noticed some missing updates on provided "editView.asp" file, like no Windows 2019 available. Still have a "Re-Apply Schema" pending, but I doubt it will fix missing entries on the file like the mentioned for W2019.

  • We consider the impact of this issue at a high severity and currently working with both our engineering and our support teams to provide solutions while this is investigated and corrected on the VSA.  

    To be clear, while we have history of this affecting some of our end users, this is not reported to be wide spread across our VSA user base.

    As mentioned in previous posts on this thread, if you believe you are affected by this please create a support ticket and it will be routed and linked to our engineering case.