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Can KPM run an agent procedure that needs an input?

  • i want to have an AP run but it requires a unique input per client. can i use KPM to do this and pre-enter the configs i need?

  • From what I gather, you want to create a variable (input) per machine, then run an agent procedure.

    How do you determine the variable? Can you auto-create it during the agent procedure?

    This is possible, but we need to figure out how to create the variable.

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    If you need to ask the ADMIN who is scheduling the procedure the value that should be used for the procedure at the time of schedule, you can use the getVariable setp and select "Prompt when procedure is scheduled" option:

    When you actually schedule the procedure, the administrator who is scheduling the procedure will be asked to fill out the information you're trying to gather.  An example of this in use:

    When the above procedure is scheduled, the admin scheduling the procedure will see this:

    The admin would fill out the fields and then save.  The procedure will use the inputs for the procedure.  The next time the procedure is scheduled, the admin would be prompted and s/he could enter new information.  This option allows one procedure to be used across multiple orgs.

    You might also find the Manage Variables function does what you need it to do.  Using Manage Variables, you can assign a fixed value to an Org or Machine Group and then reference that value within a procedure.  Define your Manage Variables on the Agent Procedures > Schedule/Create page:

    Define the appropriate fixed value for each org/machine group.  Within the procedure, reference the Manage Variable by surrounding the variable name with the less than (<) and greater than (>) symbols.  For example, if you want to insert the value of a Manage Variable called "fileshare" that defines a UNC path for a file share, you would call the variable in the procedure by entering:  <fileshare>

    Hope that helps.


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