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Have we waited long enough?

  • Morning, folks.


    I've been leery about implementing KPM due to the issues I've seen reported, but those seem to be slowing down.

    Are we at a point where you'd say it's a "go" for new installation?



  • Hi Marc,

    From my point of view it is not ready yet. We are having issues getting assigned policies being applied on the agents. We have a ticket open for 5 days now and are awaiting for a specialist to look into the issue. I don't know how many other users are experiencing similar problems that we have. I hope I am wrong that the problem is not the software but it is something in my DB that can be fixed easily.



    It's definitely not ready, nor was it every ready for GA in the first place (IMHO).

    I'm personally running with 2 open tickets... the first (importing from template & saving to a new policy and getting settings to "stick" (http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/162/t/12164.aspx)) has been open for close to a month.  They tried to close the ticket on me, citing the new hotfixes that rolled out, saying that they'd "fixed" the problem (it's not fixed, so I re-opened the ticket).  The second pertains to actually getting the policy to apply.  That has been "escalated to development" for close to two weeks, with no activity for at least 8 days now.  One machine out of our many thousands actually "picked up" the new policy.

    I'd say that the general consensus around the forum seems to be that this is still a very, very buggy product, and though we see some of the bigger players jumping on Policy Management and carefully applying new policies, filing bug reports as they come across the many bugs, and trying to work out their own "best practices" for the best way to leverage policies, I'd definitely venture to say I'm not in the minority when I say, "I'll wait until it's fully-baked."

    I'd be interested to see what Kevin Franck has to say as they continue to "smooth the rough edges off of this v1.0 release."  We've all had high hopes that the hotfixes out this week would at least make this usable, but so far it's seemingly a big swing-and-a-miss in regards to the hotfixes actually fixing much at all...

  • its very buggy yes,  but the "do not deploy" is maybe a little over-zealous. install it.  Set up a policy or two to get used to it.  Some of it works.  Some of it doesnt.  I wont screw your system.  just tread carefully until all the hotfixes are out.

  • KPM did go through QA, yes? :)

  • If it did go through Q&A they did a terrible job.  Some of the problems are easy to reproduce.

  • Brian Dagan
    I'd be interested to see what Kevin Franck has to say as they continue to "smooth the rough edges off of this v1.0 release."

    A number of KPM hotfixes were just released (about an hour ago).  I would encourage everyone to get the latest hotfixes.  (The previous KPM hotfix files that went out last week only fixed one isolated issue.)  We are still working on several outstanding tickets, and those fixes will be released as soon as possible.

  • Hi Kevin,

    Are you able to tell us what each hotfix that gets released covers?  That way we know what has been fixed rather than having to re-test for all our outstanding issues.  We are still in the dark with each fix.


  • @jdvuyk

    To get the latest status on your particular issue(s)/ticket(s), please work with Kaseya Support.  Kaseya Support will typically notify you when your ticket has been addressed by a hotfix.

  • @Kevin

    The problem is that I haven't logged tickets for all the issues.  For example, from reading the forums, I know that there is an importing issue that is being fixed.  But I haven't needed to do any importing so I really dont mind just now.  however, I would like to know when its fixed so that If I do want to do some importing that I know it will work.  At this stage its just try-and-hope because I am in the dark as to what is fixed and what is not.

  • I think an openly posted ChangeLog would be the answer. For KPM, every other module, and Kaseya as a whole.

    Almost every other open source product details what issues are addressed with each version/hotfix.

    This really irks me, especially when it's something that we've paid tens of thousands of dollars into (Kaseya as a whole).

    I want to know what every hotfix does, what it fixes every time before I apply. Blindly applying patches to software is what causes a lot of problems. This is why Kaseya has patch management - so that we can roll out patches to servers AFTER we know what they do and AFTER we decide if it's worthwhile.

    For all we know, without a detailed ChangeLog, the latest hotfix for Kaseya could just correct a spelling issue in the VSA and not fix anything you say it will.

    Show me where our money's going!

    From: Kevin Franck <bounce-kevinfranck@kaseya.com>
    Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2011 20:29:49 -0400
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    Subject: Re: [Kaseya Community: Policy Management] Have we waited long enough?


    To get the latest status on your particular issue(s)/ticket(s), please work with Kaseya Support.  Kaseya Support will typically notify you when your ticket has been addressed by a hotfix.

  • Actually...a change log is actually a requirement of ITIL...I MUST submit a change request before applying any hotfixes with what the hotfixes address, accurately report that they have been tested in the test environment and then deploy them to our production system when I reach the appropriate outage window.

    Service Desk - ITIL Made Easy – Best Practices Built-in

    So if I patch something without gonig through a while release management, I violate ITIL....

    Smarten up Kaseya...we are not a bunch of rednecks running around willy nilly...we actually have policies and procedures we need to follow...and blindly hotfixing systems doesn't really fit that model now does it...

  • Hello Kevin,

    What should the current HF level be? I am at 20017 now. In my HF History the latest entries are dated July 1st and there are no pending HFs waiting in the queue.


  • Just loaded the hotfixes and noticed that I can import a policy from a machine. Yay!

    Then I went to look at the settings in the policy. Except I cannot see settings for the policy in IE. Only in Firefox.

    I have since discovered the import of the policy resulted in the procedures not having a schedule applied. When I deleted one of the procedures and re-added it with a schedule, the schedule stuck but the procedures that did not have a schedule disappeared. Similarly it recognised it should setup patch management but did not put a schedule in there

    I have also noticed it enabled "Protection" as an item for that policy when this setting is not specified on the agent I imported from.

    In short, things are getting there but far from perfect.

  • Hi,

    I don't see any HFs under the History button but things seem to have improved. It looks like policy changes are indeed applied to agents. When I apply a policy to a large number of machines (a Default policy) I notice that the VSA CPU jumps to 100% for a few minutes (we have 500 machines in our system). Trying to schedule (spread) the action does not seem to work (I don't get a popup screen to enter schedule details).