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Question about how the "view" filter works against a selection of agents

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What I want to do is create a couple of views:

1. "Mising 10+ patches"

2. "Mising 1+ patches"


I then want to create two seperate policies, and have different schedules apply against each (e.g. have those that are missing more than 10 patches attempt to update more often).

My question is, how often does the policy re-run the view to update which agents it should apply to?

Is it only once at the creation of the policy?

Is it everytime the policy affects something?

Is it everytime the policy complience check is run by the scheduler?

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  • Mark.Hodges
    Maybe there can be a DTS SQL job that can be run on the server that goes through once a day and refreshes the views….

    Yes, we are working towards a similar enhancement.  The enhancement is described in a previous post to this thread.

    [edited by: Kevin Franck at 1:04 PM (GMT -7) on 6-28-2011] changed to make more clear.
  • @Kevin Franck

    I am happy with your answer and the workaround, and for the time being it should work for us.  Can you please keep us updated on when the hotfix/update that sorts this out is released please.

    PS, as my question is now answered, but not by one post in particular, how do i close off the question?

  • @Kevin Franck

    That all sounds good to me (atleast for now anyway I am happy with the work arounds)

    Can you please update us when the hotfix/update goes live?

  • Mark.Hodges
    apparently no one on the development team at Kaseya has actually used Novell NDS or Active directory before.

    KPM is not intended to be an exact copy of any other product.  That said, assigned Polices at any particular level ‘trickle’ down to lower level Groups and Sub Groups (as explained elsewhere in this thread).  Hopefully, you will find this behavior to be familiar, and helpful.

  • mango4
    Can you please update us when the hotfix/update goes live?

    We will post to this forum when the hotfix is released.  You can also keep an eye on System / Configure / Hotfix History.