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Server not showing up in list to install Gateway on

  • I am trying to setup Network Monitoring for a particular network. I have done my discovery scans and have found machines, swtiches, routers, and printers. But when I go to install the Gateway under network Monitor. Several of the workstations show up  but not the Server I want to install the Gateway on. It only shows up as a discovered device because it has an agent installed on it. This is also the same machine that I am running the discovery on. Which is the way I have done it for all of the other networks I am monitoring.

    I have manually ran the snmp commands (from the xml file) against the server and get results. I have made sure that the firewall is turned off. I am not sure why it does not show up in the list under Network Monitor.

    Has anyone else ran into this and have a solution? I'm stumped right now; thanks in advance.

  • Yes, restart the KNM Service on the KServer and you will see the devices in the KNM. This is known bug we found but still not have a solution for it.

    When you restart the KNM service the devices will show.

  • That took care of it. I appreciate the help. As soon as it restarted it showed up in my list.

  • @cimgarten, no problem happy to help you out. Hope Kaseya will fix this issue soon.