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Reading KNM SQL Tables

  • G'day all, I have a need to display the KNM Monitor data on an external dashboard (KNM Dashboard is not an option . . . . )

    Does anyone have an SQL Query that would show Machine, Monitor, value and status? (Or similar)

    The issue we are having is trying to work out the actual data structure - how the tables link, and where the actual monitor data is stored.

    ANY help appreciated at this stage


  • Hi James

    I discussed this a bit in the following thread with :




    That should get you started, if you have further questions, let us know.

  • Not quite what we are looking for unfortunately . . . .

    Looking for the actual tables / views in the SQL Database where the monitoring data is stored . . . .


  • If you are looking for the monitoring data points themselves, those are not stored in SQL DB.

    Trying to locate the data will require large investment in time, timeseries data is stored in the record manager database and rolled up data is stored in the SQL server toplists tables.
    Previously this data was exposed via the ODBC connector, but that one was removed in 9.1.

    - I added some ammendments to the notes based on feedback from the KNM developer

    correction to original post
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  • By the look of it that will require exporting data from KNM and then importing it to SQL. Not sure if that is still possible after 9.1  help.kaseya.com/.../index.htm

    Theoretically that can be automated  and  perf data could be organized  like VSA perf data (table per day)

    Also Brightgauge connector connects to default ksubscribers DB so you will have to create these tables in your prod Kaseya database.

    I have exactly the same issue - KNM reports are (well, not that good looking) also it is a good idea to get all the reports from Brighgauge instead of generating COnnect Wise reports, Kaseya VSA reports and Kaseya KNM reports.

    Kind regards,

    Vadim Gonzalez