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Issue with Discovery / KNM - can't monitor a customer anymore

  • Hi Kaseyan's! Long time no speak...Wondering if anyone has advice while i wait for support

    Here's the steps and issues i'm facing getting a customers network to view in KNM

    - Logon to vsa
    - Open Discovery - Networks - By Network Observe "XYZCompany" - (10.0.20.x) and "XYZCompany"- (10.0.30.x), XYZCompany - (10.0.0.x) and XYZCompany - (10.0.1.x) 

    I have agents on Serversr in those IP Ranges they do not appear on a subnet scan. I really don't understand why, they used to, but i had to remove all discovered devices and start again. Since starting again, servers with agents don't appear in these subnets.

    I thought i'd go ahead and monitor them in KNM anyway - set it all up hoping it'd eventually discover.

    I installed the gateway on a server in gateway 10.0.0.x but it doesn't go green in KNM. When i try to install a gateway - it also shows agents on the 10.0.1.x VLAN which it shouldn't. 

    I can't install a gateway on the 10.0.1.x network because it doesn't offer up the a server to install the gate way on. It also doesn't let me install a gateway on 10.0.10.x even though i have servers with agents on that network. 

    It appears as though  it's a total mess. Waiting for Kaseya Support but i've installed and configured everything by the book, and it's messy getting Kaseya Discovery and KNM talking, much less either tool working independently at the moment. 

  • Hey Mark!

    First think I usually do is review the config - seems basic but I've had situations where things change and I don't get notified to update the NOC config.

    Is the probe in each subnet still valid? Same name / IP?  Still have a current agent?

    You won't be able to add a gateway in KNM if discovery isn't happy and finding the agents on the network, so you need to resolve the discovery issues first. Maybe delete the network and recreate that before scanning, since you're already deleting the discovered devices..


  • Hi Mark,

    Have you ticked  these in general tab for your Network?

    -Alerts Active

    -Monitor Network

    Check you are happy with asset promotion settings.

    Then Save & Scan

    You would not see anything until you click "Monitor Network"

    After you promote some assets in discovery you will see them in KNM module.

    Kind regards,