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Problem creating Gateway in Discovery / Network monitor

  • Hi,

    wondering whether somebody can help an this matter / issue....

    we can't get the NETWORK correct/right in the discovery and therefor can't monitor any devices in KNM

    problem is that the server is having 2 IP addresses ( can't remove any of them....)

    even using another machine within the same network is not working / not detecting all agents, etc, etc

    any help / suggestions would be welcome.


  • I would recommend you start by (in the Discovery Module) deleting the network, you may have to go under Network > Discovered Devices and delete the systems there first.  Then start fresh.  Go to Networks > By Network and select the Machine Group. Then [NEW] and add the Network Name, Organization, and select the system to use as the Probe - Then [Save & Scan].  After that completes goto Network Monitor > Monitoring > View and select the network that you indicated above and click Edit (under Commands on the right). Click on the Authentication tab and change the Windows Domain Credentials and any other required credentials for that network then [Save].   Click on Install Gateway (also under Commands on the right) and Select the agent(server) to use.  

    The way that KNMi is built into Kaseya really hinges on the Discovery side.  If it does not get setup properly there you will struggle with making it work.

  • Hi Tim,

    thks for the reply.

    however already tried many times to do so......but at the end we have the same behaviour.

    for historical reason this server has 2 different IP's .

    don't know why but just before the seaons' holidays I even tried using workstations to do the discovery

    but not all agents are seen so it's still a mess even despites several tickets opened.....

    additionally in order to be able to do a successfull discovery I first need to restart the agent, if not it will stay in pending status. Also for this tickets were opened.....but until today not solved.

    I didn't open any ticket for this recently because if the purpose is only to have a ticket to increase number of tickets opened and closed but without any notice if a solution was found / proposed I don't want to waste any more time....


  • Can you post your IP scan range and the internal IP addresses for the server?  

  • Hi HardKnoX :



    hopes this helps


  • That looks right so it can't be your configuration for that network.

    Discovery still has some issues, some might be network related issues (firewalls, DNS, etc...) but other are definitely caused by Discovery bugs.

    I have this one network where the probe server and another server won't show up in the scan for some reason and because of that won't show up in KNM.

    I looked at the database and found that about 45% of all of my agents don't belong to a Discovery network most of these agents belong to networks with a discovery scan configured.

  • Thks for the reply.

    what do you suggest as tickets are not properly handled and it's not the first time this is happening.

    same with the issue that in order to complete discovery I have to restart the kaseya agent, if not it will get stuck in deep scanning and never end.....


  • So I have logged a ticket (#120861) for the Discovery issues I'm having at the moment with two agents not wanting to show up as part of the one network and Firewall not showing up in another.

    All 3 these missing devices show up under a standard nmap scan using the same nmap tool Kaseya uses for its scan, you can ping them and I even did a successful SNMPWalk against the firewall device. I have reinstalled the agents multiple times and again when they asked me to do it after I told them that I already tried it without any luck.

    My concerns here are;

    1) If Discovery is unable to detect device in a network that I know is there how many devices is not showing that I don't know about.

    2) Whole purpose of Discovery is to detect devices in a network so that we can document reports and monitor them KNM, what are we supposed to do when it does not work?

  • beginning of the week we ( support and myself ) did a discovery scan on a particular network trying to solve a problem reported months ago - and still not fixed - and since I lost the monitors on an ESX.