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SQL Monitoring Authentication Fail

  • Hello-

    I am attempting to setup monitoring on a specific database within our database server.  When attempting to use known good "SQL" credentials with sysadmin access, the following error is returned (AMS is the created, known good SQL user):

    DBMS Error (possibly Login error). Native Error Code: 18456. - "42000 Login failed for user 'AMS'."

    I have verified that the user has rights to the database (sysadmin), I have verified that the username/password are entered correctly (over and over and over again).  I have logged into the management studio using the account in question, and have no issues accessing this database.

    What am I missing?  I'm admittedly a novice when it comes to SQL, so it's entirely possible that I've overlooked something.

    Thanks for any assistance!

  • Hi  

    It looks like KNM is providing you with almost the full snippet of the error.

    However, it is missing the error state. Below is a link that indicates some of the various error states you can get when trying to access MSSQL:


    If you continue to have issues, I would recommend creating a support ticket and noting the number here.