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Alerts when KNM probe is removed

  • I monitor ESXi hosts via KNM. I've had instances where the server where the probe is installed gets decommissioned and stops reporting.

    Does anybody know of a way to get KNM to produce an alert when a probe is removed from a network?

  • Are you a stand alone KNM user? Or do you use KNMi?

  • I use KNM included in VSA 9

  • Hi

    I can think of a few ways to do this with the Kaseya system, others may provide several other alternatives.

    First, you can create a monitor set to check the status of  the KNM Gateway service.


    This can track the up/down of the gateway (probe) service specifically to let you know if, for whatever reason, the probe stops monitoring the network.

    Additionally, you can ping the probe every so often from another agent using the Classic Monitor > External Monitoring > System Check function, if it cannot hit the IP/Host name, it will perform an action.