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KNM alert action Windows action

  • Hi,

    I am not sure on what agent the action needs to trigger :

    Execute Windows command action

    The Execute Windows command action executes a command on the Network Monitor host machine. The command runs as a system user process and cannot require any interaction with a user.

    I tried to trigger an executable in the KNM root folder of the Kaseya server,  but this does not seem to work,  I've tested the commandline string on the host,  but this is not working

    Could it be that the executable must reside on the Network probe agent ,  and not on the K server...

  • Hi  

    Please create a support ticket on this issue. Once you do create a support ticket, please pm/reply with the ticket number.



  • eventcreate.pdf

    Hi Nicolas,

    I could solve the problem,  the exe must reside on the gateway agent,  in the Windows folder or system32 and is executed with the NT Authority\SYSTEM account.

    What i wanted is now done : create an event in the application eventlog if an alert triggers.   Then I can instruct Event Alerting what t do with the alert...  Tested and working like a charm

    One thing,  like most of the cases,  the operation manual for KNM is not easy to read and understand...  In the Help page in KNM, it is said that the exe must reside on the KNM host.... (K Server....)

    see screenshots

  • Hi  

    Glad you were able to work it out. The help guide is a bit different from the standard VSA Help Guide as it was originally created when it was Intellipool.

    It has not changed much since Intellipool Network Monitor, however I can suggest recommendations to the existing guide.

    I will take a look at the existing guide and see if we can add a note or comment clarifying this specific topic.