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No VMWare counters listed in Network Monitor

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Hi guys

Im setting up Network Monitor to monitor VMWare hosts.  I've successfully set this up on a few servers, but I've got a few where I'm not getting counters in the "VMWare Performance" monitor type.  I have clicked the Rescan services button but nothing is presented.  I have also run an inspect command on the host - still nothing.

Has anyone else seen this?  Initially Im just trying to get CPU/Memory stats.  Im on Kaseya r8.

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi ,

    If you are trying to monitor a VMWare ESXi host instance, have you configured the VMWare credentials in KNM on the device?

    Usually, when you scan a device in KNM and it returns no results - it is unable to reach the device or using invalid credentials.

    Here is how I have this configured in my instance:

    Once the credentials have been verified in the ESXi host, you should be able to scan and detect the available interfaces:

    Here is how the data appears once I apply a monitor:

    If you have not created an account to authenticate with in VMWare, the below article explains the process:


    Kind Regards,