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Network Monitor - Gateway Install

  • So I have my networks setup in Network Discovery, I've setup a scan probe, and I've scheduled it to scan.  When I go to the Network Monitor section and try to install a gateway the dropdown box does not have anything listed.  I've tried waiting and rerunning a latest audit  (I didn't think it would help) still the dropdown box either lists as blank or on some sites it lists only one endpoint and sometimes it's what I'm after and other times it's a client computer.

    How do I get the computer I want as the gateway to show up, I've spent way to much time on it and I'm sure that I'm missing something simple.  I'm using on premise and I have the latest patch installed for 7.

    Thanks Guys!

  • Nearly same problem here.

    I just have 3 workstations in my dropdown list, that I don't want to use!

  • Hello  and ,

    Only agents are eligible for gateway installation within KNMi.

    Additionally, the agents you would like to deploy a gateway on must be a member of this network within the LAN Watch by Network page.

    If both of these steps have been confirmed, review the Discovered Devices > Grid View page and verify if the agent is present on this page.

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  • In Discovery I had to turn on Enable automatic network harvest, after I turned that on and I did a scan and the endpoint I wanted for my gateway had an agent on it and I waited over night they show up.  Automatic network harvest kind of makes a mess of your networks in discovery though since it will setup a network for any unique network a machine is on.

  • Just re-enabled the automatic network harvesting. Just waiting for 24 hours.....